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Saturday August 1st 2015

Free Gatorade-Get a 12 Pack of Your Favorite Energy Drink

free gatoradeThats right.For a limited time you can get Free Gatorade! Gatorade was founded in 1965 by a team of researchers looking for reasons why so many athlethes lost their energy and ability faster when competing in really hot climates. The researchers discovered that the reason for this was due to the abundant loss of body fluids and electrolytes that you lose naturally from sweating when competing.

With this knowledge researchers took their discovery and worked together formulating a newly discovered “energy” drink which increases athelete’s performances,and overall endurance. This new energy drink was called Gatorade. Your free Gatorade was scientific formulated over many years and is now used by all major professional sports teams and players all around the world.

Gatorade is also the official sports drink for many colleges and universities as you may already know. They recently sponsored the Superbowl and are a permanent fixture in sports teams’ dressing rooms. Everyone loves free Gatorade men, women use Gatorade to gain a competitive advantage of their opponents.You can use your free Gatorade for whatever you want!

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